الثلاثاء، 25 فبراير 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 owners will be able to use fingerprint authentication to pay with PayPal

Following Samsung’s official unveiling of the Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Conference 2014 in Barcelona, PayPal has announced it will be the first global payments company to support the device’s mobile fingerprint authentication technology. As a result, Samsung Galaxy S5 owners will be able to use their fingerprint, no passwords or logins required, to shop at any merchant that accepts PayPal on mobile and in-stores. The feature will be available in 26 markets, including Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Russia, the UK, and the US, when the device launches on April 11.

As you can see, a simple swipe of the finger will let you log into your PayPal account to shop and pay while on the go. PayPal says it will provide a secure wallet in the cloud and won’t store personal information on the device. This might just end up being the killer feature Samsung is hoping for.