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16 Real Ways to Make Money Online in 2016

I made this post to list all the possible ways to make money online in 2016. The list is up to date and will be updated as there are new ways of making dollars in the internet. The article is really big and if you can't read that at one gulp, please bookmark it for later reading.

Is it actually possible to make money online from home?

Of course, it is 100 % achievable and legitimate. There are thousands of people who make their livings through the internet for years. I am sure, after reading this article, you will be able to make money from home too. Just choose one, implement it and be patient to see the result.

1   Make Money Blogging

Do you really want to make money online? If yes, then don't waste your time and start a blog as soon as possible. Because, making money with your blog is the best and long term business online. When you have a blog, you can easily connect with your readers and sell them directly. There are thousands of people around the world, who are full time bloggers with decent revenue each month. For example, I am making more than $10.000 per month from 7 blogs I own,plus affiliate marketing. If you too want to have a blog and make living online, check out the homepage of the blog and contact me for Free Assistance.
2   Write&Sell Articles Online

Did you know? You can really earn lots of money by selling articles to sites or anyone. In order to get money from article writing, you even don't need a blog. You just need to know what topics you can write about. It can be your profession or topics you are passionate about. There are different ways to make money with articles. You can apply for distributor networks like Demand Studios or sell articles directly to people using sites like Fiverr.

3    Sell on eBay and Amazon

This is one of the old revenue models in the internet. But, despite this, you can still make real and easy money from both sites. To do that, you need to find goods for cheaper prices and list them a bit higher to make revenue. Browse both sites and see what are the top selling products. See if you can find it cheaper. I have heard people making millions per year selling things on eBay. Just like this women, called Cathy Hayes claiming that she earns $160.000 per year selling goods on eBay.
4    Affiliate Marketing

This is one of my favorite money making sections. Affiliate marketing is an enormous market. The best part about it is you don't need to create a product, you just need to promote high converting products to make thousands. Even, you don't need to make sales to be a millionaire using CPA (cost per action ) offers.  Brian Dean shows you exactly how to make dollars with CPA marketing.

5    Get Paid to Sites

You can collect easy money by doing Cashcrate.com offers. Your average earnings can be between $10-90 per day depending how much time you spend there. If you are from the USA, Canada and Western Europe, chances you will earn more money are high. This is because many of the good paying advertisers are from these countries.
Also, consider signing up for InboxDollars.com, which is one of the best get paid to sites in the market.

6    Completing Small Tasks

An another way to make extra money is by completing small tasks. If you are an impatient person for doing online surveys, then this opportunity is for you. These types of actions include clicking one's website, liking, commenting, tweeting and so on. The most popular task websites are Microworkers, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Airtasket.com and Shorttask.com.

7    Selling Domain Names

Flipping domain names is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. Did you know? The domain name CarInsurance.com was sold for $49.7 million in 2010. Of course, now it is very hard to find such domains to register, but at least you can try. It doesn't need to worth million dollar. Getting a domain name for $9 and selling it for $500 is enough for most people. Sedo.com is your best friend for selling domain names in the internet.
8    Flipping Websites

Another great way of earning income online is flipping websites for money. You can either create a website yourself, or buy someone's established website and sell it for potential customers. The number one site for selling website is Flippa.com.

9    Tutoring Online

If want to get paid tutoring online, you have to be an expert in specific areas. For example, if you are a carpenter, you can teach people how to make a chair and charge them, let's say $10/hour. There are tons of website, you can register and start being an expert. Sign up for Google Helpouts or Tutor.com and start making money teaching people what you know.
10    Translating into Languages

Translating is one of the wide spread income bringing professions. You can start getting customers and translating by going to TranslatorsCafe.com or Proz.com. Both sites have great features to get potential customers from around the world. For instance, you can your language pair and price per word and so on. The cheapest rate per word for translating is $0.04. Imagine, getting a job containing 100.000 words. That is $4.000 from just one client. As a beginner translator, you can translate up to 3.000 words during a day. If you know one more language , start making dollars right now.

11    Posting Youtube Videos

This can be on of the easiest ways to make money online. Youtube.com is well known video website in the world. You have to active your account for monetization in order to start earning revenue. Also, your videos must be unique and not copyrighted. A Youtube user PewDiePie is making $1.5 million from his videos. You can do that too.
12    Selling Photos Online

Taking photos and selling them online is an entertaining money making method. The only thing you need is HQ camera. Check out Amazon Best Sellers for cameras. If you got camera, begin shooting interesting photos and sell them at iStock Photo, Shutterstock or Dreamsite.

13    Being an Expert

If you feel that you can help people in some problems, start being an expert and make a living online. There are tons of legitimate website you can register now and begin your online journey. JustAnswer.com is one of the popular ones. You just need to complete the application, send it and wait for your job.

14    Searching the Internet

Qmee.com is website where you can register and earn money by searching the web. The site is only available for USA and UK residents. Another website is Bing Rewards which is for the 50 USA States and DC.

15    Designing Graphics

Fiverr.com is the best site for designers. You can buy some graphic designer software online and create logos for selling. Believe me, you don't need to be a professional designer for this. Some people have made over $100K from just one Fiverr gig by selling graphics.

16    Playing Games Online

Love playing games online? If so, then play games for money. There are several real websites that pay you to play games. One of them is WorldWinner. Another one is GSN network. Register at these websites and make cash by playing online games.